VR LThe HOPPECKE grid | power VR L battery is a sealed, stationary, lead-acid battery with fixed electrolyte. Its design principle is based on the use of gauntleted positive plates and fixation of the electrolyte by gelling. It can
therefore be used horizontally in the event of limited installation space.


- Positive tubular plates and all-round protection of the active mass by woven polyester gauntlets ensures extremely high resilience
- Ideal for use in areas with high charge and discharge loads
- Product design to DIN 40736 ensures highest level of compatibility
- Grid | power VR L batteries significantly reduce your maintenance costs


- Maintenance-free with regard to refilling water thanks to innovative gel technology
- Very high durability due to optimized lead-calcium alloy
- Very good cycle stability due to tubular plate design
- Maximum compatibility
- Optimum use of space due to the possibility of horizontal arrangement
- Increased short-circuit protection already during installation through the use of HOPPECKE system connectors


- Nominal voltage: 2 Vdc
- Nominal capacity: from 213 Ah up to 3140 Ah
- Technology: VRLA GEL - OPzV
- Contact: Top Terminal
- Life time: 20 years


- Switchgear,
- Safety lighting,
- Village power supply,
- Telecommunication,
- Traffic systems.