ALBAT started its first steps with regard to foundation and developing Backup Power Supply, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1988. Mr. Alija Đozić was the main founder, mover and idea wearer. He used his, at that time, ten years' long expirience in the Factory of Stationary Batteries. Bosnia and Herzegovina was, at the begining, the main Market.
Main products, at the beginning, were traction batteries for forklifts and batteries for mains locomotives. In very short time, we started producing rectifier for that battery.
After few years, when the firm started selling products to Serbia and grew up its business, Bosnia and Herzegovina was in the war. Because of the war, in 1992, effects and imposibility to work on the main Market, company ALBAT and all its activities were moved to Slovakia, City of Košice. But in 2005, company ALBAT came back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, City of Sarajevo.
After about 30 years expirience, ALBAT has leading position on mains Markets, with significant activities in the states of Sout-East and Central Europe.

MaIns products of ALBAT are DC and AC Backup and Reserve Power Supply Systems:
• Integration Modular Systems DC/AC/DC,
• Modular Rectifier AC/DC,
• Thyristor Rectifier AC/DC,
• Modular Inverter DC/AC,
• UPS Systems,
• Gensets Systems,
• Stationary Batteries,
• Traction Batteries,
• Solar PV Systems,
• DC & AC Cabinets.

Our products have standard design or they are designed according to the specific requirements of the customers. Thanks to this approach, our products have application in different areas.

Main areas where you can apply our products are:
• Telecommunication,
• Power production,
• Power Transmission,
• Power Distribution,
• Industry,
• IT / Data Processing,
• Infrastructures / Transportation,
• Business Facilities,
• Renewable Energy Sources.

The production process is in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. All products are in compliance with IEC and EN standards. ALBAT has its own modern installation and service equipment, team for installation, commissioning and user training.
We believe that you will be satisfied with our products. Be free to contact us. Our team will contact you in very short time.