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12 1ALBAT’s 48Vdc PV System completed by different products from our production. The system is intended for single phase or three phase load up to 4000W. Main DC voltage is 48Vdc, but in system can be integrated converter DC/DC if needed different DC voltage. We delivery all parts, like one product, ready for installation and full using. Different solution possible by request.

- Off grid systems for homes, cottages, mountain hut
- security
- communications
- traffic

- indoor
- outdoor

- PV panels
- Solar controller, with integrated solar charger and solar inverter
- Deep cycle battery
- Mounting system for PV
- Battery rack

PV panels
- Power per PV panel: 50 W up to 280 W
- Total power: up to 4000 W
Solar controller, with integrated solar charger and solar inverter
- Type controller: PWM or MPPT
- Output power: 4000 W
- Output voltage: 230 Vac or 400 Vac
- Output frequency: 50 Hz
- Nominal DC voltage: 48 Vdc
Deep cycle battery
- Nominal voltage: 48 Vdc
- Nominal capacity: 100Ah or more, in correlation of autonomy
- Technology: AGM or GEL or FLOODED
Mounting system for PV
- Installation: pitched or flat roof, open land, lamppost, …
Battery rack:
- Installation: indoor or outdoor