12 5Batteries Solar OPzS for solar applications, with 2V cells, capacity from 150 Ah up to 5.000 Ah C120 1,85 VPC. Designed for regular and long deep discharge

- Excellent cycling also in state of partial discharge
>1.500 cycles at 20°C / 60% DoD
> 5.000 cycles at 20°C / 20% DoD
- OPzS technology, with tubular positive plates and free liquid electrolyte
- Allows use with electrolyte recirculation
- Dimensions according to DIN 40736 OPzS cells
- Suitable for use at elevated temperatures
- Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
- 20 yearS design life under float condition
- Also available in dry charged version
- 100% Recyclable

• Renewable energy islands (Solar / Wind)
• Off-grid applications: BTS, mobile phone stations,
signaling, lighting, drinking water supply systems
and other
• High capacity applications in areas with unstable
grid and unreliable power supply