fxm 2

Outdoor UPS with 350, 650, 1100, or 2000 W/VA Output

The Novus FXM UPS series provides backup power ideal for computer, telecommunications, traffic, manufacturing and security applications. The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) offers power stability, reliability, and certainty during unpredictable environmental states and creates voltage equilibrium during varied power conditions. As well, the Novus FXM series of power modules are designed to instantly switch to emergency backup power during any utility power failures or interruptions. The standard input and output voltage is either 120VAC or 230VAC, with an optional 220VAC unit available.

- security,
- communications,
- traffic,
- industrial

- Clean, uninterruptible backup power
- Wide range Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) without going to batteries
- Remote communications via RS-232 port or optional SNMP Ethernet interface
- Six independently programmable control and report relays
- Temperature-compensated programmable battery charger
- Event and alarm logging with time/date stamping
- Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 74°C


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