<![endif]--> agil 5AGIL is a compact and scalable modular UPS providing a pure sine wave AC supply.
The “Twin Sine Innovation” (TSI) technology ensures independent “hot pluggable and hot swap” modules that include virtually all functions of a conventional UPS (AC/DC, DC/AC, battery charger, Static Switch), eliminating all potential single points of failure.
Up to 32 modules can be installed in parallel to bring the full output power potential to 640 kVA.

• All traditional data centers applications that require flexibility in their power needs.
• But also a large variety of applications where a multidirectional energy converter is required.

• Selectivity
• Versatile charging
• Battery sustainability
• Harshest AC input conditions
• High efficiency, certified by SGS

The Agil Modular UPS will cover your power needs from 20kVA to 640kVA with 3 different cabinet-based solutions:

• Agil 60 will be the ideal solution if you never expect your load to exceed 60kVA:
With an Output Power between 20kW and 60kW, and an autonomy of minimum 10 minutes, the 800mm x 600mm cabinet of the Agil 60 is one of the most compact modular UPS on the market.
Included in Cabinet:
• Max 3 modules Agil 20
• Catena user interface
• Manual By Pass
• Batteries

• Agil 160, allowing up to 160kVA in just one cabinet!
The Agil 160 will cover your output power needs bewteen 20kW and 160kW in just one 600m x 800mm cabinet.
Included in Cabinet :
• Max 8 modules Agil 20
• Manual By Pass
• Catena user interface

• Agil 640 is the ultimate solution for loads up to 640kVA
Included in System :
• Basic cabinet with max 10 modules Agil 20 and Catena user interface
• Max 2 additional cabinets with up to 11 modules per cabinet
• By-pass cabinet